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Contingent Placement
Securing talent for out clients most difficult to fill positions.

Retained Sourcing
GTP has developed a resume sourcing service that can help.



Retained Sourcing


GTP’s Sourcing Engine...
Put It to Work for You!

GTP has developed a resume sourcing service that can help your staffing function enhance its candidate bandwidth significantly.

GTP has invested in building a world class resume sourcing engine that can help your recruiting department build a pipeline of qualified candidates for some of the most difficult to fill positions in the market.


Whether you are looking for:


    * Web Application Project Leads and Developers
    * E-commerce Architects
    * Information Protection and Security Network Engineers
    * Internetworking Experts (CCIEs)


Or even mainframe application programmers, GTP’s sourcing function can get your pipeline rolling in just a matter of weeks.


Looking to build and staff a customer support helpdesk with strong PC support skills?…GTP can get you qualified candidates so you can build your helpdesk function.


How do we do it? GTP has made significant investments in web-based technology and we constantly remain in a research mode to see what the hottest websites are out there that leading IT professionals post on or go to for frequently asked questions. GTP subscribes to just about every leading website so you don’t have to. Check out the cost of these subscriptions and you will see a rising trend. Let us do the research and make that investment for you!


In addition we make it a point to network with various users groups, conferences, trade shows, etc. to make sure that we always have our feelers out there for presenting career opportunities.


Our extensive pipeline is always being updated and evaluated. We are always asking ourselves, "How can we do things better?…How can we provide a better quality of service to our partners?". We stay in a research mode and look to put this knowledge to work for you.


Acting with a sense of urgency is another key to success…you are coming to us because you have exhausted other resources and the heat is on to fill some of these tough positions. Your hiring managers need people, their current staff is being overworked, and the costs of supplementing your existing staff with consultants is driving your budget through the roof. GTP recognizes your sense of urgency!


Understanding your business and the market. GTP employs a staff of staffing professionals that truly have extensive experience in the IT industry. Many of our sourcing and recruiting experts have been employed as IT professionals themselves…translation…


    * a better understanding of your technology
    * a better understanding of a candidates objectives
    * better usage of your time by qualifying the right candidates for the right career opportunity.


For more information on the GTP Sourcing Engine, call Rand Robbins at 856-727-6370.