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Contingent Placement
Securing talent for out clients most difficult to fill positions.

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Contingent Placement Services


Using a high-quality retained executive search process ensures that the client will benefit from confidentiality, a commitment to finding the right candidate whatever the challenges, specialist knowledge of the industry, and the ability to secure the best players in a timescale tailored to the client's objectives.

A hallmark of a solid search firm is that the majority of its work comes from satisfied clients — GTP clients return again and again to find the executive talent they need to grow their businesses.


Our Search Process


1. Define Objectives and Specifications


    * Ensure understanding of client's business and culture.
    * Obtain client consensus on position's scope and responsibilities, compensation package, reporting relationships and

       the profile of the executive.
    * Develop the search plan.
    * Feedback


2. Identify and Assess Candidates


    * Identify and confirm target sources using proprietary data base and network of contacts.
    * Identify candidates, including internal ones as appropriate.
    * Screen and evaluate candidates.
    * Narrow list of candidates.
    * Prepare background profiles.
    * Review profiles with client.
    * Feedback


3. Interviews


    * Facilitate client interviews of candidate.
    * Obtain feedback from client and candidate.
    * Conduct reference checks.
    * Prepare detailed profiles and evaluation reports on each candidate's strengths and weaknesses.
    * Select finalists.
    * Feedback


4. Select Candidate


    * Conduct finalist interviews.
    * Negotiate salary and benefits.
    * Feedback


5. Follow Up


    * Ensure smooth transition for candidate
    * Ensure client satisfaction.
    * Feedback